Скрипт CyberMiner 2023 для продажи.



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-- Instant Deposits and Withdrawals

– Compatible with all supported coins on Block.io/CoinGate/Coinpayments/GoURL/FaucetPay/PayKassa/CryptApi/SendBit

– Affiliate Program with fixed percentage

-- Users can buy mining power

-- Automatic mining power deactivation

-- Reinvest option

-- Latest deposits, withdrawals and User Activities

-- Referrals List with hit counter

-- Profit Calculator

-- GDPR Banner

admin panel


Homepage with important information blocks

Users => List, Search, Delete, Edit, Impersonate

Admins => List, Search, Create, Edit, Delete, Impersonate

Roles => List, Create, Edit, Delete

Permissions => List, Create, Edit, Delete

Deposits => List, Search, Edit, Delete

Withdraws => List, Search, Edit, Delete

Withdraw Requests => List, Search, Edit, Pay

News => List, Edit, Delete, Create

Pages => List, Edit, Delete, Create

Faqs => List, Edit, Delete, Create

Tickets => List, reply, delete

Ticket Status => List, Edit, Delete, Create

Ticket Priorities => List, Edit, Delete, Create

Ticket Categories => List, Edit, Delete, Create

Error Logs => List, View, Delete

Settings => Edit site settings

Update Script

Dark Light Mode

Payment Methods


Deposits - Coinpayments, Coingate, FaucetPay, PayKassa, GoURL, CryptApi, SendBit

Withdrawals - Coinpayments, Block.io, FaucetPay, PayKassa

Other Features


100% open source

Installation Wizard


Server Type: Linux

PHP version: 7.4

MySQL version: 5.7.14 or higher

PHP extensions: OpenSSL PHP, PDO, Mbstring, Tokenizer, XML, CURL, BCmath, Ctype, GMP(Block.io integration), IoncubeLoader

Apache Extensions: Mod-Rewrite
Telegram: https://t.me/tinoquink